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About me



 Robin Perine knew she was a visual artist at an early age.  After completing her BFA in Photography from the prestigous School of Visual Arts, as a scholarship student, she quickly established herself as a mainstay in the NYC underground art and music scene.  Her undeniable talent earned her the renowned cover of Marilyn Manson's debut LP & EP release.  Since then she has combined her love of photography and music to work with such ledgends as H.R Giger, Gerorge Barris~King of Kustomizers, Poison, Guns N' Roses, and Buckcherry, all the way down to alternative favorites like GWAR, Lunachicks, L7, and The Dwarves.

  In addition to being a world published photographer, Robin is also a stylist, designer, art director, producer, firebreather, bass player, Pilates instructor, Kidney Donor, and lover of all things Equine.

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